The Farm

The Bivamuntuyo farm was established in 2013 to make a direct contribution to the Nutrition Unit where severely malnourished children are treated and to share agri-business skills and knowledge about nutrition with community members for healthy wellbeing and prevention of malnutrition.

The farm consists of 7 hectares of land where pigs, goats and rabbits are kept and crops such as coffee, passion fruit, pumpkin, beans, mangoes, oranges and various vegetables are grown. Community members are always welcome to come for agri advice and buy products from the farm daily.

It is a place that offers work opportunities to young people and community members. Caregivers of former patients of the nutrition unit are regularly offered work on the farm so that they can earn an income and we can monitor the welfare of their children.
An average of 15 people work on the Biva farm and this group of employees regularly performs with a theatre play about malnutrition during the food training sessions organised by the team of the nutrition unit for malnourished children.

Our peanut butter factory is well known. Here, local, protein-rich peanut sauce, peanut butter, fish powder and soya flour are made. We buy the ingredients from local farmers and process them into organic products without added preservatives or sugars.
These products are sold to customers in the region and delivered to the department for malnourished children to enrich the meals of the patients for a positive recovery.

We want to be an inspiration to community members, showing them that small-scale, local agricultural activities can be profitable and lead to a healthier and more prosperous life.