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New water tanks for Bivamuntuyo!

09/05/2023Rainwater harvesting is a popular method of storing water. At the Farm and Kyotera Medical Centre, many litres of water are used daily for feeding the animals, irrigating crops, cleaning the wards and other work areas, and washing and cooking for patients/staff.
We are therefore very pleased to have been able to increase our water storage at the farm by some 60,000 litres with the purchase of new water tanks, which are now well stocked with the abundant rain that has fallen in recent weeks.
Kyotera Medical Centre has also been able to install 2 water tanks of 10,000 litres each. Considerable costs are being saved on water bills using this form of water collection during the rainy season.

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Stella graduated as Nutritionist

09/12/2022 – We are very proud of our nurse Stella. She graduated as a nutritionist at the Mildmay Institute last month. Her knowledge and experience are so useful for the treatment of the patients at the nutrition unit and will benefit all patients at Kyotera Medical Centre especially pregnant mothers and hypertensive and diabetic patients.
As Bivamuntuyo we are grateful we were able to offer her this study opportunity. She really worked so hard to succeed. We hope in the future we can continue to offer our staff these education opportunities and enjoy more of these festive moments.

Recycling Peanut Shells

09/12/2022 – We reuse peanut shells in the garden. After planting the carrot seeds, we cover the soil with them. This way, we prevent the soil with the seeds from washing away when there is a lot of rain.

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  • Happy Flags
  • 17,50
  • Lenght of the flags is 10 meter, 40 flags

12/11/2022 – Cheerful flags for years of decorating! A beautiful, durable flag line made from colourful Ugandan fabrics.

At Bivamuntuyo we are always trying to support the youth and that’s why we started the Happy Flags” project in collaboration with Agnes, our tailor, to be able to offer vocational training to young people.

It’s of high importance that young people are getting a chance to receive education and learn how to set up their own business. It will increase their future opportunities in life.

When buying the “Happy Flags”  you contribute to the school fees of young people so that they can join a vocational course like hairdressing or tailoring and learn other skills like farming, financial management and life skills. By implementing these skills they can generate their own income and safeguard their livelihoods.

Happy you, Happy us! 

Busy days at the Nutrition Unit

25/09/2022We are overwhelmed by the number of patients we admitted at the nutrition unit over the last few weeks.
As food prices keep on rising and seeds are just planted in the gardens it has become a great challenge for many households to feed their families.
Especially young children need at least 2 meals a day, each meal preferably made of various foods containing carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins to boost the immunesystem and to progress the growth of the child.
At the moment all patients are stable and we are looking forward to discharge them over time when they have nutritionally stabilised and present a smile.

A new goat shelter

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25/09/2022Our goat family is growing rapidly so it was time to build them a proper shelter where there is more space for many more familymembers in the future.