Bivamuntuyo coöperates with the dutch foundation “Stichting Kulabigwo”

“Stichting Kulabigwo” has an ANBIstatus. If you make a donation in the Netherlands, it means the donation is deductible, whether you donate as an individual or on behalf of your company. You will receive a certificate of your donation.
Other countries may have different tax rules.

If you would like to contribute to the projects, we kindly ask you to transfer donations to
“Stichting Kulabigwo”. Do not forget to mention that the donation is for “BIVAMUNTUYO”
Thank you!

IBAN: NL09 INGB 0001 0393 10

In the name of: “Stichting Kulabigwo”, Zwolle
Address: Fluessen 76
Zip code: 8032 ML
Town: Zwolle
Country: The Netherlands
Subject: Donation for Bivamuntuyo